Operational parking Areas: Medway Universities Campus, Historic Dockyard,Liberty Quays


How can I download the App?

Downloading the App couldn’t be easier. Find the link at www.rentandride.org or simply type in ‘rent and ride’ on App store or Play store. You will be able to download the app from there.

How can I sign up?

Signing up for Rent & Ride is very easy.
• Simply download the Rent and Rent app that is available for both iOS and Android
• Sign up by providing name, email address, phone number and Payment details
• Verify the details provided by entering the code sent to phone number you provided
• Once the details are verified you are good to ride a Bicycle

What if I can’t register?

Reinstall the app and try again. If the problem persists go to our website www.rentandride.org and contact us from there or email us on support@rentandride.org with your query and we will help you in resolving the issue as soon as we can.

What if I don’t receive a verification code for signing up?

Wait for a few minutes as it can take a bit of time because of poor connection. Try resending code and if you still don’t receive it please contact us at support@rentandride.org and our team will resolve your issue with in 24 hours.

I am not able to register my Bank card?

Check if the card details are correct, if you still can’t register then contact your bank or try different bank card

Pricing and Payments

How much RENT & RIDE journey cost?

All bicycles in RENT & RIDE’s network are available to users for 80p for first half hour, followed by £1 for every next half hour with a maximum daily price cap of £10 for any 24 hours period.

How do we Process payments?

We have chosen Worldpay as the payment gateway. Worldpay is authorised by Financial Conduct Authorities (FCA) UK. Worldpay is also Level 1 PCI and DSS compliant which is highest level.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept all major cards which are VISA, MasterCard and AMEX, we are not accepting Apple Pay, PayPal or Android Pay at this time but may include it later on.

Why was my Payment rejected?

• You might not have sufficient funds in your account

• Your bank has rejected the transaction

• The entered bank details are incorrect

• Your account has been suspended before

What to do if I am being overcharged?

It is very unlikely that a rider is overcharged, however if you think you have been overcharged, then please contact us within 14 days of the ride and we will resolve your issue.

What is the refund policy?

customers objection regarding the debited charges needs to be sent to us on support@rentandride.org within 14 days of invoice received. If there are any refunds due, they will be credited to the customers wallet unless otherwise asked by customers. Subscriptions can’t be refunded after 14 days of use.

Where will my refund go?

We will top-up your wallet with any refund due, so you can use it in future unless you ask us to refund into your bank account

What is the recurring policy?

In future we will introduce Term time subscription and annual subscription for students and staff. These subscriptions will be renewed automatically after getting consent from customer before they buy the subscription first time. If rider chooses term time subscription, the recurring payment will be taken after every four months. If the rider chooses annual subscription, the next recurring payment will be taken after one complete year. Rider would be able to cancel their next recurring payment anytime if they decide not to take any further subscriptions by emailing us at support@rentandride.org

Start Riding

Where can I find a Rent & Ride bicycle?

• After you sign in, you will be able to find the bicycles on the home page of app
• Get to the Bicycle you want to ride

How can I unlock the bicycle?

There is a smart lock attached to the back wheel and a cable lock attached underneath the seat of every Rent & Ride bicycle. The smart lock has a QR code and lock number written on it. Bluetooth needs to be switched on to unlock the bicycle.
• You can either scan the QR code or manually type in lock number by clicking on “Scan and Unlock” in app.
• Once the smart lock is unlocked, wrap the cable lock around the space underneath the seat and attach the hoop at the end of the cable lock to hook provided.

How to lock the Bicycle?

Once your ride is finished, please park the bicycle at a non-restricted area.
• Use the Cable lock to secure the bicycle around a bicycle stand. There is a hoop at the end of cable lock that needs to be placed between the smart-lock clasp and the tyre.
• Then manually lock the smart lock by pushing the lever on the lock downwards. You will hear a beep, which would tell you that the Bicycle is securely locked.

What happen after I finish my trip?

After you lock the bicycle, finished trip screen will appear on the app. Please keep Bluetooth on before locking the bicycle. If finished trip screen doesn’t appear please press ‘finish trip’ on the app. Please ensure before doing this that bicycle has been securely locked. Once the trip is successfully finished, a summary of ride will be shown to the rider including number of calories burnt during ride


Where can I park my Bicycle?

Before finishing trip, bicycle must be returned and parked within following Areas: 1.Medway University Campus 2.Dockyard 3.Liberty Quays.
Riders must park bicycle outside of the pedestrian right of way that complies with local laws and does not obstruct traffic.

What to look for while parking?

While parking the Rent & Ride bicycle, riders have to make sure they don’t park in a place that upsets the freedom and safety of other people.
This includes but not limited to:
• Locations which obstruct or potentially obstruct traffic or pedestrians
• Private bicycle racks
• In private/gated communities 

Can I Park outside operational Areas?

NO, you can’t park the bicycle outside the operational Area. The Bicycle has to be parked inside the 3 operational areas mentioned above and securely locked before finishing the ride.
• If you failed to park the Bicycle inside the operating area or at restricted parking area, then you will be liable to pay a penalty of £20.
• If the bicycle is found to be damaged or stolen because of the unauthorised parking or because of the parking outside operational area, then the fine can go up to a maximum of £250.
• By agreeing terms and conditions you authorise us to take the penalty payment from the bank card provided.

What if I find an unauthorised Parking of the Bicycle?

Contact us by email or through your mobile app by attaching the photos of unauthorised parking and earn some bonus points.

Can I take the Bicycle outside operation zone?

• Riders can take the bicycle outside the operational zone, but they can only park the Bicycle inside the operating area highlighted on the App or bicycle racks shown on map
• If you failed to park the Bicycle inside the operating area or at restricted parking area, then you will be liable to pay a fine of £20.
• If the Bicycle is found to be damaged or stolen because of unauthorized parking, then the fine can go up to a maximum of £250.
• By agreeing terms and conditions you authorise us to take the fine payment from the bank card provided.

Locking & Unlocking Issues

I have scanned the QR code many times, but the Bicycle is not unlocked?

• Keep the mobile phone camera still on QR code for few seconds.
• If this doesn’t work, try turning off and on your Bluetooth.
• If it still doesn’t unlock then please report the bicycle faulty and use another Rent & Ride bicycle.

The journey has started but the Bicycle is still locked?

• Give a few moments for the bicycle to get unlocked.
• Sometimes lock clasp can get jammed, manually push the lock lever upwards
• After few minutes if the bicycle is still locked then finish the trip through App and try unlocking it again.
• If the problem persists, please inform us and use another available Rent & Ride bicycle.
• Contact us through App if you have been charged for the trip and we will refund you.

I have locked the bicycle, but my trip is not finished?

• Make sure the Bluetooth is switched on at all times during the ride.
• If the ride doesn’t finish after locking the bicycle, tap ‘finish trip’ on app,
• If ride still doesn’t finish, please contact us on support@rentandride.org with your email id and we will help you in resolving the issue.

The QR Code is damaged or not working?

Enter the lock number manually in the app

My Camera is not working can I still unlock the Bicycle?

• Yes, each Rent & Ride Smart-Lock has a unique number written on it
• simply type in lock number after tapping “Scan & Unlock” option and the smart lock will get unlocked.

What if my Bluetooth is not working?

Unfortunately, bluetooth is required for using Rent & Ride service

I have tried locking the smart-lock, but the it can’t be locked?

• Try locking it few times and make sure you completely push the lock lever upwards.
• If the smart-lock is not locked, please attach both end of cable lock to hook provided underneath the seat after wrapping it around bicycle stand
• please make a video and send it to us through app help section or email us at support@rentandride.org. Please ensure lock number is included.

I forgot to lock the bicycle?

• Please ensure that you lock the bicycle securely before you finish the trip.
• If you have forgotten to lock the bicycle, please go back to lock the bicycle.
• If the bicycle is lost, you need to notify us immediately. You will be liable to pay a penalty of £250 if the bicycle is not found.
• By agreeing terms and conditions you authorize us to take the penalty payment from the bank card provided.

Rider’s Responsibilities & Safety

What is Rider liability?

The riders use the services provided by Rent & Ride at their own risk. The riders will have to take full responsibility for damages caused by him/herself during the ride. The rider is solely responsible for any liability claims resulting from actions or events occurring during the rental period. The rider accepts the liability from the movement of unlocking the bicycle until the successful return of the bicycle. If the bicycle is damaged or stolen during the rental period, the rider will be liable for the damages resulting from theft or damage to the bicycle. This liability would amount to the specific material and labour costs up to but not exceeding an amount of £250. The customer shall not be made liable for damages that the company did not inform the customer of within 72 hours following the end of the rental period. If it is found that the rider has intentionally or as result of gross negligence caused damage to the bicycle, this limitation may not apply and the cost that rider have to pay will depend on the actual amount and real value of damage incurred. By agreeing terms and conditions you authorize us to take the penalty payment from the bank card provided.

Do I have to inspect bicycle before riding?

• Yes, before hiring a Rent & Ride bicycle kindly inspect the condition of bicycle to ensure it is road worthy.
• If you find any issue with the Bicycle before hiring, then contact us and don’t use that bicycle and find another Rent & Ride bicycle.
• Rent & Ride does not take any responsibility of the rider if they haven’t checked the Bicycle before hiring it.

Where can I ride Rent & Ride Bicycle?

• You can only ride Rent & Ride bicycles according to rules and regulations set by the city’s relevant department where the scheme is operational.
• Please ensure you check the relevant information before you start riding Rent & Ride bicycle

What should I do if I am involved in an accident?

Your safety is our top priority. In the event of an emergency, please contact 999. If you are able to move the bicycle from the road then please do so and report us immediately on admin@rentanadride.org and our team will help you through the process.

What should I do if the Bicycle breaks down during my ride?

Our custom-made bicycles are designed for durability. We check the Bicycles on regular basis however if the bicycle breaks down during the trip, then park it safely on a non-restricted parking area and securely lock it. Lastly, please let us know by submitting a report via the ‘repair needed’ function in our app.

What should I do if Rent & Ride bicycle is lost/stolen during my ride?

If during your ride, bicycle is lost or stolen then immediately report to us and to Police, so a theft report can be filed. you might be charged a fee of maximum £250 for the recovery or replacement of the Bicycle.

Restrictions on Rider

How old do I need to be a Rent & Rider?

You are never too old to ride our bicycles. However, you must be at least 16 years old to use the service.

Where Can’t I take Rent & Ride bicycle?

• Riders are not allowed to take Rent & Ride bicycle on any vehicle including but not limited to car, Bus, Train, Tube or Ferry.
• If you do so, it will result in suspension of your account and you may have to pay fee of maximum £250. By agreeing terms and conditions you authorise us to take the fine payment from the bank card provided

For how long can I hire a Bicycle?

• There is no minimum limit of time for hire, but you can only hire a bicycle for maximum of 24hrs after that the trip has to be finished or
• After 24 hours, a £250 penalty of lost bicycle shall be applied. By agreeing terms and conditions you authorise us to take the fine payment from the bank card provided.

What to do if I see unauthorized activity happening?

If you see the Bicycle is being misused or has been parked illegally, please contact us from your App or email us at support@rentandride.org. Reporting the unauthorized activity will get you extra points.


How does point system works?

Rent & Ride is using point system to encourage good behavior among Rent & Riders.
Upon signing up every rider will receive 10 positive points, number of positive points will increase as number of trips increases. Similarly, when the rider reports any unauthorized activity or misuse of the Bicycle, they will get extra positive points. Parking the Bicycle at a restricted parking area or damaging the Bicycle will earn the rider negative points. Rider’s account will be suspended if overall points goes into negative.

Positives Points
Complete a trip +1
Report a broken Bicycle +2
Report Unauthorized Parking +2
Park in designated area +2


Negatives Points
Incorrectly locking of Bicycle -5
Illegal Parking -5
Parking outside geo-fence -5
Damaging the Bicycle Account Suspension
Violating traffic rules Account Suspension

The points will only be awarded or removed upon RENT & RIDE team verification. For more info visit our website or email us on support@rentandride.org

About bicycle and App

How to turn on the lights?

Rent & Ride Bicycles are fitted with Dynamo light and are turned on and off automatically

What if my App crashes?

• Close your app from background and open the app again
• if the app still crashes, please switch off and on your smart phone and try again.
• If that doesn’t solve the issue, uninstall the app and download it again. If the problem still persists then contact us on support@rentandride.org and we will solve you issue.

My App is not working?

Please uninstall the app and download it again. If the problem persists, please contact us on support@rentandride.org and we will solve you issue.


How did RENT & RIDE Start?

Rent & Ride is an initiative launched in 2019 by Farhan Ayub and Ehtisham Qadir, for the welfare of the students and staff of University of Kent, Medway Campus, in order to provide them with a convenient solution to the problem of hectic and chaotic commuting. After experiencing serious setbacks related to the growing traffic and public transport, the problem of difficult commuting of the students of the university was identified. The peak hours on the roads and jam-packed parking areas make it difficult for the people to reach their destinations in time. Therefore, RENT & RIDE aims to provide cheap and efficient Bicycle hiring service using a smartphone application.

R&R is a trading name of RENT & RIDE LTD

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