Dockless Bike Hiring Scheme


Travelling during hectic traffic jams in Medway is no longer a problem as R&R proudly introduce their dockless bike hiring scheme. Our scheme lets you rent dockless bikes by simply clicking a button on your mobile phone. You can use the bikes to safely fulfil your travel needs in areas surrounding University of Kent, Medway.

In case you are already familiar with how bike hiring works, you must be wondering ‘which isa cheap bike hiring scheme near me’? Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore as R&R is the answer to your thoughts.

R&R’s comfortable dockless bike hiring scheme is sure to give you a smooth bike riding experience in the area with no strings attached. Our bike rental services have been carefully designed to provide you with the seamless riding facility.

Some of R&R’s distinguishing features are as follows.

Environment supportive

As professional bike rental service provider, it is R&R’s foremost priority to preserve the environment.In order to provide eco-friendly bike renting service, we have made sure that our bikes reduce carbon emissions and facilitate against traffic congestion. The built-in hardware of R&R’s bikes is designed to be pro-environment and contains no eco-harming parts and functionalities.


Being on a budget is an important matter for a lot of university students. We at R&R understand it perfectly which is why we have ensured that a 24-hours long ride does not cost you more than £10. So, if you ever wondered about a cheap bike hire near me, you can stop worrying and can rest assured. Starting from a mere 80p for the first 30 minutes, it costs only a £1 for the following 30 minutes. And the maximum amount does not cost for more than £10 for a day-long ride.

Registration and booking

R&R’s dockless bike hiring scheme is arguably one of the easiest bike-hiring schemes to book. All you need doing is download our R&R app on your phone, register yourself by following a simple process and you’re ready to go!

In order to book a bike, you will be shown five bikes near you and you can select which one suits you the most. Once you’ve chosen the bike, you can unlock that by scanning a QR code from your app against the bikes. And the bike’s yours!


As the fundamental concept behind R&R’s bike rental is to save staff and students from being stuck in hectic traffic, we have made sure to make our services incredibly time-efficient.

Some of the ways our bikes help save your time includes easy parking, increased mobility during peak hours, and user-friendly pick and lock system.

Secured Payment

Aside from just being friendly to your pocket, our additional feature includes a safe and secure payment processing system. All of your payments are carried out through a secure gateway. R&R complies with all GDPR rules and standards which means we are a reliable bike-rental service provider which you can trust without having to worry about the safety of the transactions.

Ending a ride

When you decide to end the ride, you can do so using the option on the app. And you can park the bike at any public parking place that does not obstruct or hinder the traffic in anyway.


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