Dockless Bike Hiring Scheme Kent


As traffic jams continue to be more and more severe, the problems faced by staff and students of university of Kent are on the rise. Everyday, dozens of people miss their lectures and lose opportunities as consequence of being stuck in the heavy traffic.

If you are one of those people who have been facing this issue, there’s finally good news for you. With R&R’s awesome dockless bike hiring scheme Kent, you can rest assured as you finally get rid of your traffic problems.

R&R offers professional bike rental service that’s particularly focused on resolving the day-to-day issues faced by the staffers and students of the University of Kent, Medway. In case you ever wondered about the best ‘cycle hire near me’, R&R is the solution to your queries.

R&R’s dockless bike hiring scheme Kent is featured in a mobile phone application which you can download on your smart phone. Rent and Ride’s best cycling app incorporates the following salient features.

Time saving

Rent and Ride’s bike rental is sharply focused on time management. Due to the sleek and comfortable design of the bikes, you can easily manage to float through hectic traffic and can park the bicycle anywhere in a public spot.

Dockless bike hiring scheme Kent is time-efficient as it relives students and staff of the worries of hectic traffic. A lot of your time is saved by R&R’s bicycle rental for the simple reason that the annoyance arising out of unavailability of parking spot is addressed.


As R&R’s dockless bike hiring scheme Kent caters to students of the university, we perfectly understand the importance of a budget for you.That’s why our prices are incredibly friendly to your pocket. Starting from 80p for the first thirty minutes, maximum fare will not exceed £10 for the 24-hours journey.

Our stupendous bike rental services let you enjoy a hassle-free ride for only a £1 per thirty minutes followed by the initial 80p for the starting thirty minutes.

Secure Payment Process

We conduct all our transactions through a safe and secure gateway where the chance of your information being compromised is almost non-existent. As R&R stands strongly in compliance with all rules and regulations described in the GDPR, the payment processing system becomes more secure.

Unharmful for the environment

As part of our professional integrity, R&R are resolutely devoted to preserving the surroundings in which we operate. In all our practices, including our bikes, preserving the environment remains our key-priority.

Our bikes tend to be eco-friendly as they reduce the emission of carbon and provide effective alternative to hectic traffic congestion. Moreover, we maintain the hardware on our bikes updated and well-preserved so as to avoid causing any harm to the environment.

Active Customer Support

As we conduct our business through a smart phone application, it doesn’t mean we’ll take customer support lightly. Our agents can be contacted anytime through a number of mediums including telephone call, and email. If you need any help during the trip, you can connect with us using the application.

Easy Booking and Hiring

When it comes to booking a bicycle, R&R’s the best cycling app you’ll come by in Kent. We have customized the software to be easily understood by the end user. To hire a bike, all you are required is to register yourself by following a simple step-based procedure and provide relevant information.That’s all!

Once you have registered, five bikes available in your closest proximities would pop-up on your screen. From here, you can choose the one that suits you the most. After finishing the ride, you can park the bike in a public parking space or in a spot that does not obstruct or hinder traffic or violate any law.


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